Blogs You Should Follow If You’re a Certified Gamer

Blogs You Should Follow If You’re a Certified Gamer

With the constant plunge of online games, it’s now very hard to keep up with the latest virtual trends. Countless games are all over the online platforms and we just can’t thank enough some of the popular gaming blogs for making it much easier and convenient for us.

The best gaming blogs not just offer the recent top-rated games, but also provide detailed analysis and pointed reviews about them. And of course, some of them simply never run out of epic belly laughs related to online gaming. Read on and don’t forget to follow the best online gaming communities of the present time.


The vibrant KotaKu logo

Being tagged as the ultimate gaming guide, there is no doubt why almost all certified gamers know this digital gaming hub. Currently, Kotaku has millions of followers in Facebook and Twitter. There are a lot of selections for every gamer, ranging from video game news to online cheats and entertainment. And take note, there are over 100 posts per week so you’ll always be in track with the latest gaming updates.

Many are engaged with the page’s humorous way of blogging and useful gaming tips, making it a renowned choice for gaming enthusiasts. Subscribing to their newsletters is a great way to be on top of their most recent blogs.


Simple yet engaging representation

Another heavy choice when it comes to gaming blog, Engadget is definitely an exceptional online platform that covers gaming updates, previews, reviews, tip and tricks. You will not have a hard time navigating their website because all articles are organized in a very simple category. For the loyal subscribers of the blog, they knew that there were massive alterations with the website to create a more attractive community.

And over the years, Engadget has proven its prominence in the game blogging category through its numerous recognitions and awards.


A more charming N4G logo

If you’re looking for the latest and hottest game updates and rumors, you can visit N4G. The site is loaded with a lot of gaming attractions, perfect for every gaming fanatic. Aside from the updated social game news, there are also major gaming platforms for everyone. You can also make use of their cheat codes and their reviews to keep up with your gaming tactics.

Their online community is seriously engaging, where subscribers can contribute their gaming stories as well. The subscribers of N4G also have the chance to be featured in their leader board segment, making it a fun and appealing interaction to all.


Straightforward Symbol

Joining an online gaming community with over 4 million followers is definitely a great choice. IGN is an ideal destination for gaming fanatics and you’ll be enticed with their extensive collection of gaming updates and reviews. Not only that, there are also movie updates, comics reviews and everything under the sun for your online entertainment.

Just don’t get intimidated with their myriad of ads because there are a lot of deals that feature the latest news and information about online gaming. No wonder IGN is a great hangout for gaming junkies all over the world.

Xbox Wire

The Green and White Combination

For Xbox fanatics, you should never miss to follow the ultimate Xbox blog. The best way to be updated with the latest news, product releases, events of this popular video gaming brand is to subscribe with their blog. From then, you will be on track with all the information related about Xbox.


The official PlayStation blog

PlayStation is definitely a top hit for gamers of all ages ever since its launching on 1994. There has been various home consoles over the years and it has become more and more fascinating for every PlayStation fanatic. To keep updated with the most recent news related to PlayStation, you should follow their official blog that offers trailers, blogcasts, demos and awards.

Nintendo Life

The Nintendo Life

One of the oldest and largest video game companies in the world, Nintendo has been in the gaming industry for more than a century. The Nintendo Life is the official blog of the software company, featuring the latest news and information, along with in-depth reviews and interviews about 3DS, Wii U, and Nintendo NX.


Gamasutra’s ultimate symbol

The art & business of making games. Gamasutra is not your typical gaming blog because it highlights creative ways to start a gaming website. The blog provides insights related to game design and development. Not only that, they also have a job board for the list of developing game contractors and available jobs for people looking for work in the video game industry.

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