Welcome to Finger Arcade!

Back in 2003, we have set up a garage with a shop for Finger Arcade in the U.K.. While that did not get the starting boost that we have been waiting for, we have been focusing on creating low cost and cost efficient arcade video games for home use! To be able to do this we had to create several alliance with part vendors, factories and video game creator companies to able to offer these types of consoles at the lower price possible! While lowering the price was the main goal, we had to still create the quality of these consoles as we already did.

Every kind of home made video games consoles we create have to go trough several types of security measurements, to make sure they are the top quality. Creating these machines takes us several days and sometimes more to force perfection.

What is this site about?

This site is the official blog of Finger Arcade. The company has it’s own website for selling consoles, and we thought we would like to open a website for every customer of ours, to keep them updated with the latest video game news.

What makes us the best?

What makes us the best is that we are really different than other arcade creator companies. We are not one man team of arcade builder who do this as a hobby, and build out every machine one by one, making the prices skyrocket. We are an arcade machine manufacturer, who hand out several steps of the building to bigger companies and factories to make it faster and more precise. While we don’t offer a lot of customization options like colors and custom shapes of our machine, we do have the lowest prices on the market, which is the part of our company.

Many of our products parts are made and built in factories in large quantities, so we don’t have to make each and everyone with our own hand, making the prices go lower. We order these in large quantities, to make sure we have everything to set up your console. Even if it has a faulty part, we have the reserve items to make them work.

While we don’t directly offer customization, we have left several options for our customers to make their consoles more unique. One of these is the programmable buttons, and the easy disassembly of the consoles itself. If you would like to have a different set of colors displayes on the table on the console, you can just easily take it apart, and change or paint to to your needs.

Most people are comfortable with ordering online, and choosing the options for their consoles, we have a retail shop for everyone who would like to try our consoles out first, before planning on buying one. If you come in our store, we will show you the latest designs, and tell you everything you need to know. Come in our store if you would like to have a personalized experience with our consoles!